Pulse’s Edison Clipcord: Beautiful

Now, I never usually post up anything on here which only appeals to tattoo artists, mainly because I’m not one myself and wouldn’t know where to start!This, however, caught my eye. Pulse is a company which has been making tattoo machines and equipment for ten years, and as part of their ten year anniversary they’ve been releasing some limited edition products. This one, which they call the “Edison”, gives a nod to Thomas Edison’s patented design for a stencil machine which O’Reilly based the design of the electric tattoo machine on. The cord looks really cool, and would look at home on a machine or even on display in a studio. Happy anniversary, Joe Capobianco Pulse!

If you’d like to know more about Pulse and the Edison Clipcord, you can click here. Registered tattoo artists only please! However, if you’re not a tattoo artist, I’d still recommend having a look through the site, they have some fantastic books and art prints, including Joe Capobianco’s portfolio, Bound (pictured right)!

(Pictures featured belong to PulseTattoo.com and Joe Capobianco)


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