RIP, Pinky Yun.


It’s a sad day in the tattoo world, today. Pinky Yun, the respected tattoo artist who had a long run of over 60 years in the business, sadly passed away last Thursday. Pinky first picked up a machine at the age of 10, and ended up tattooing all around the world, owning studios in Hong Kong, Japan and America, to name a few places. After that, Pinky retired and went back to Hong Kong, where he stayed for the rest of his life. Today, as many hear about the news, a plethora of RIP messages grace his facebook page, and conversations about his life and work are the topic of the day. RIP Pinky Yun, you will be sorely missed.


One thought on “RIP, Pinky Yun.

  1. I spent many, many hours in Pinky’s chair. He did my first tattoo when I was 19, and he did one for me as recently as 2007. I just wish he knew how much fun I thought he was. I swear, his wife would grow so fruatrated as he & I would sit in the chair & makes changes to the designs as we went along. He’d mummble back something & continue on.
    The world has lost a legend, with a worth ethic that was amazing! I saw him sit for 3 hours doing my hubby’s tattoo…then start in on mine without any sort of break. He sat for hours & hours without a drink, a bathroom break….anything! I got used to those type of sessions & now I go to the younger guys who have to have a smoke or stretch every half hour & it makes me crazy!
    Thanks Pinky, for the years fun experiences, of fond memories…and the ink I love.


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