Top Picks of 2010: Ryan Mason

imageContinuing our theme while we near the end of the year of picking out artists who’ve had a great year, I’d like to divert your attention to a Mr Ryan Mason, if I may! Ryan, who works at Scapegoat Tattoo, has had a fantastic year in both his work structure and artistic talents. This year, he switched over to having a waiting list for appointments, which has enabled him to be a little more free in what he chooses to do, resulting in some fantastic pieces of work.

Ryan has also decided that he’s not “that guy who does animal portraits”, as people previously assumed. Here’s an excerpt from an interview I did with him for Tattooist Art, which will come out next year:

The new unofficial rule is that I have to meet the cat or dog before I’ll do a portrait of it, haha. also, I should specify that this only applies to realistic portraits, not all animal tattoos… there’s a big difference between “hey I want you to tattoo a hedgehog on me (which I would be really excited about doing)” and “I want you tattoo MY PET hedgehog on me.” I still love animalia as the subject matter; it’s just the realistic treatment with cats and dogs that I’m not too stoked on anymore.

Ryan seems pretty stoked on large- scale Japanese work and traditional Americana, as well as anything with an antique or vintage treatment these days, too! Right! Onto a couple of pictures. These are from his blog, which you can see on the internet with a plethora of other great pieces here.




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