Now, That’s Not How You Do It…

imageHey everyone- today I’m off to meet my high school heroes, so I’m in a pretty spiffy mood! So, I thought I’d give you guys a few laughs and brighten your day, too. Now, I’m pretty sure most of you guys have seen Zombie Boy by now- and from what I’ve seen, most people can agree that even if you don’t like his tattoos, they’re pretty well done. It’s what happens when, no matter how regrettable you might think someone’s tattoo is, it’s done right.

This guy, on the other hand… well! Let’s just say it’s sad to see Skelator on the Jeremy Kyle show these days. This is “Mad Dog” Deon, who’s caused a bit of a stir over here in the UK after appearing on Jeremy Kyle (it’s like Rikki Lake, but worse). In a segment of the show titled, “How Could My Boyfriend Destroy His Own Face?”, Deon showed the nation what happens when you and your mate get pissed and buy a tattoo machine on eBay. What a tool!

On the bright side, you can sit safely in the knowledge that your face doesn’t look like that, and have a bit of a chuckle at another attention seeking moron who thinks tattoos are “cool”, haha! You get the tattoo you deserve, kids!

Check out another picture and a video at this link (sorry, I don’t really read The Sun I promise!)


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