It’s Japan Week on Tattoo.TV!

Three posts on here in a day? You lucky bastards. Just a very quick heads up, this week on Tattoo.TV’s news page we’re having Japan Week, which will highlight the various ways in which artists and tattooists are raising money for the Japan earthquake. People are already finding new ways to make some money to send to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and honestly, I think it’s amazing. The tattoo industry has always been extremely generous towards charities, and it makes me very proud to be a part of it. To see the posts, starting here wouldn’t do you any harm. You can also access all news posts here. I’ll put a post up on Friday linking to everything we’ve found.

Also, Tattoo Revolution has a great blog post with some great links to charity efforts there, too!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Japan Week on Tattoo.TV!

    1. Well, I have no idea why WordPress didn’t tell me you’d commented on this, Alex! Damn computers, haha. I think this is the same event I’ve put up on the big bumper awesome list here on this site, but I’ll make sure very soon for you, and link to the things you guys have been writing about, too 🙂 x


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