Size Matters: Total Tattoo out now.

The new issue of Total Tattoo magazine is out today, and it’s the biggest issue they’ve ever had. Awesome!

There’s all the usual stuff you normally expect from the magazine, incuding coverage of the Brighton and Zwickau conventions, and features on Brendan Mudd and Kristel Oreto. There’s a wonderful piece by Patrick Hüttlinger, too. You will also see some cool features from friends of Tattoosday UK, including a really great piece on The Great Omi by Paul Sayce, and a five page spread from Alan Aldred. Matt Lodder takes the reigns this month in the column we share, and there are loads of pictures of some great tattoos that have been sent in.

Shit, if I was in this month, it’d be the best issue ever. 😉

Anyway, the magazine is out now, and it is in most major newsagents. Cool people subscribe and therefore received theirs yesterday. Get on it!

Oh, and to save wandering around WHSmith in a daze, this is what you’re looking for:



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