100 Demons: Now on your iPhone/ iPad

100 Demons is a book by the incredible Horiyoshi III that has become a staple reference book for many tattooers who do a lot of Japanese work. It’s beautiful, bold, and just perfect in every way. It’s also expensive, depending on where you live, and can be hard to track down.

Thankfully, there is actually a fucking app for that. Is there an app for everything now? That is astounding.

When I told you guys the other week about the Horiyoshi III app, you bastards didn’t tell me that you can get 100 Demons as an app, so you can read the book on your phone or iPad. To be honest, I wish I had an iPad now, because I can see this being a lot better on a larder screen.

The app is absolutely perfect, and isn’t bogged down with loads of stupid features and rubbish. It’s literally just the book. The book is all you need anyway, because it really is that great. The amount of thought that has gone into this work is evident just by looking at it, and the skilful creativity of some of these images leaves me looking at the same images for ages.

This is 160 pages of why Horiyoshi III will always be one of the best Japanese tattooers. You need this thing. Buy it here.


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