“That Tattooed Lot”….. At Ascot!?

Now, just to clarify, I have never been to the races, Horse , Dog or Snail, so I’m kind of writing this without the “inside track”, excuse the pun.

Joanna Southgate was at Ascot this week, and in my opinion she is incredibly pretty. However, it wasn’t her flowing blonde hair, or her blazing smile that caught people’s eye, but her tattoos. Now, I know alot of you will now expect me too go ahead and whine and moan about how judgemental people are about tattoos, but to be honest that would make me a hypocrite because I’m offended by the faux tan, chino wearing One Direction lookalikes I see littered around of a weekend.

Now, in previous years, she may have been thrown out on her ear, and the fact she is conventionally attractive may have helped soften the “blow” as it were, but it’s great to see high society drip feeding the real world in to their race meets. Admittedly , when Joanna walked through the gates , she did have her tattoos covered, so obviously they did not see them, but hey, I like to think if they did she still would have gained access.

To be honest, I’m what people would call an “anti”, anti-establishment, anti-class system, anti-pretty much everything that means somebody gets paid more than you so they think they can belittle you or control you, which means I’m having to wind my neck in a bit on this one. Really, when I think about it, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives in this case , so winding my neck in may not be that hard.

So, lady at the races, check. Nice dress and fascinator, check. Tattoos…. ah yes the tattoos. Now, we are not talking getting tattooed in your mates shed with a machine made out of a pin and an old Walkman, these are
genuine excellent tattoos. Pieces by the mercurial, vibrant Hannah Aitchison , who to be honest needs absolutley no introduction as she constantly produces colour work to shock the best of artists. She also has piece by kickass tattooer Piotrek Taton, the black and grey/portrait maestro, and a piece from Ink Studio’s very own Neil Bennett producing great black and grey and colour in equal measure.

Now the upper classes are allowing the art through the floodgates , it’s great that Joanna is taking great art to show why the decision to allow it at Ascot was indeed the correct one, hopefully this will become a trend that sweeps the nation and we will be seeing more art to spice up these events.

(Header image source)

Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which heโ€™s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isnโ€™t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.


9 thoughts on ““That Tattooed Lot”….. At Ascot!?

  1. Hi Rich I love your little article here ๐Ÿ™‚ and btw I wasnt covered up when I entered Ascot, there are no rules against tattoos….love Joanna x


    1. Oh hey!
      Stoked that you got to read this!
      I must have misread the article , my bad , thanks for correcting that
      Weird that i just got a little starstruck when i saw it was you who had commented


  2. Good post! Nice to see some support in favour of my tattooed mate!.. Her tatts are really truly beautiful pieces of art!
    niki. xx


  3. Great article, and I’m glad someone appreciates how beautiful her sleeves are. Personally, I think they add to her whole look and she looks absolutely beautiful. Have a great day!!


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