Nick Skunx needs your Support!

An intrepid member of the tattoo community is gearing up for a trek across Europe and will also host an auction of artwork by leading tattoo artists to raise money for a worthy cause.

Nick Reid, the owner and founder of Skunx Tattoo in Angel, London, will walk the 864km El Camino De Santiago. This ‘modern day pilgrimage’ spans an impressive route from St Jean in France to Santiago in Western Spain.

Nick starts the journey on 25 August, with the aim of raising awareness of mantle cell lymphoma, a particular virulent strain of cancer which affects the lymphatic system. It mainly affects men over 50 and unfortunately it is often too late to treat by the time it is identified.

Fellow Skunx tattooist Steve Richardson was tragically affected by this disease when his father John recently passed away at the age of 57, just three months after being diagnosed with the illness.

Steve said: “My dad was a hero to his family and friends and, although nothing will ever bring him back, we would like to help in some way to raise awareness of this particular form of cancer. Obviously many, many forms of cancer affect families every day but these rarer forms receive very little attention and fewer funds towards research and treatments.

“If we can contribute in some way to there being a successful form of treatment that will prolong the life of someone else one day, then it may help to ease the pain our sudden loss. We would like to thank Nick for adopting our cause in his journey.”

Skunx will donate £5 from every tattoo done at the studio from now until the walk, which will go towards raising funds for the mantle cell lymphoma trials unit at Plymouth Hospital. Donations are also being taken via

The Skunx team will also be organising an auction of tattoo art later this summer, which will include work donated by some of the world’s best tattooists, including Xed Le Head, Shotsie Gorman, Tokyo Hiro, Lal Hardy, Dan Gold and more than 20 other artists.

The evening will also feature performances from leading circus variety acts, including burlesque artists, high profile bands and close up magicians. More information and invitations to the event will be circulated in the next few weeks.

For more information contact Hannah McFaull via Skunx Tattoo on 0207 278 6960 or theshop@skunxtattoo.comClick here to donate or just drop into the studio. Nick has also helpfully sent in some pictures of his work, in case you haven’t seen it before, and an invitation flyer! Thanks, Nick! Please see those below:



















My name is Hannah Smith and I am a regular contributor to Tattoo Revolution Magazine, and now I blog for Tattoosday UK, as long as you dear readers don’t run me out of town! I am on the hunt for ideas for future blog posts so please send me your pics, news, views, whatever to or hannah_fran_ink


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