Jordan Teear in Motorcycle Accident.

Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been completely on the ball for this post. I meant to post it a few days ago, however I wasn’t able to get to my computer. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen this post floating around over the past few days:

Jordan is from London, and works at Frith Street, so although he has insurance he’s still thousands of miles away from home. One of the really great things about tattooing is how quickly everyone responds to something like this, with a paypal account already set up. Already there are benefits being set up, tattooers are auctioning off their machines, and everyone seems to be rallying round. I found this page on Last Sparrow Tattoo which should interest you, and there are already a couple of things people are doing there which they’re posting about. Here’s the poster for the fundraiser, too:

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Jordan- I never met the guy, but I don’t mind adding a few quid in when I get paid. If you can spare anything too, that would be really cool.

Once again, the Paypal is Don’t share this post with your friends, share the Paypal address instead!


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