Total Tattoo’s October Issue: Out Now

Everyone in my house has some explaining to do. For two days now, the latest issue of Total Tattoo has been sat on my kitchen table, and no one told me. I’m pissed off!

Thankfully, I finally found it, and after having a read I can tell you how awesome this month’s issue is. This month’s issue is once again really great, and it has some fantastic features in it. There are features on Matt Hunt, Colin Dale, Terry Ribera, and Ronnie Goddard this month which you should definitely check out. Adam Colins also has some work featured in the ‘Private View’ section of the magazine, which rocks (I need a print of the ‘Media Ink Kill It!’ painting!).

For tattoo conventions, this month shares the Woolacombe Inkfest, the Bolton Tattoo Bazaar, and the Siberia Tattoo Convention. Yep, Total Tattoo will even cover shows in freakin’ Siberia for you. There’s even a feature from Travelin’ Mick on the San Bushmen which will keep you more than interested (and you’ll learn something!).

Once again the magazine has the ‘Gallery Plus’ in the middle as well, featuring some of the best work from tattooers out there at the minute. Interestingly, some of these tattoos are so out there that James has now had to include a ‘Simply Great’ section. Very cool stuff.

Once again, it’s another great issue which you should check out. You can buy Total Tattoo magazine at all good newsagents right now. If you’re more of a digital person, you can also  read Total Tattoo on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer. You can click here for more information on how to do that.


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