New Prints from Hayley Parkin and Clare Goldilox

I may be kicking myself in the face a bit here, since I really want one or two of these prints, and I almost don’t want to tell people about them so they don’t sell out. I’ll take the chance though, because these are awesome and you need to see them.

Both Clare Goldilox (Painted Lady) and Hayley Parkin (Inkslingers) have some really cool prints on sale at the moment. Both sets are very different, but they’re both really great and I think people should buy them. If you love these ladies’ work but you don’t have the cash for a tattoo yet, or you just want some great shit to put on your wall, you should definitely get your hands on these. Hayley’s set is an astounding traditional one, complete with a Wu Tang sheet! They’re all on 250gsm fine grain guesso A4 paper- fancy! Clare’s are A3 giclee prints of beautiful ladies, that have an insane amount of detail in them.

Hayley’s prints are available at the shop, or through emailing here, and they are 25GPB each or 100GPB for the set. Clare’s are still in the ‘coming soon!’ stages, so you will have to message her here to show interest and find out a price and a place!

Hayley Parkin


Sorry about the blurry picture!


Clare Goldilox



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