Myke Chambers’ Road Trip: Now on Video

Myke Chambers is a tattooer whose work I have always really liked, although I have to admit in the last year or so I’ve been keeping a really close eye on his work. It’s awesome!

Myke has always been pretty on the ball when it comes to social media as well, which is great for someone like me who is thousands of miles away in England who wants to see what’s happening with his work. I remember a couple of years ago I told you guys about Myke’s live stream on his website, live from the shop. That was pretty cool, but Myke is on the road now and he has even more cool stuff to show everyone.

Myke now has a Vimeo channel, and he’s going to be updating it for as long as people still want to see it. He hasn’t really started it yet- there is one video up at the minute, which is of Myke explaining what it’s all about, but I think you should definitely keep an eye on it!

Below is Myke’s first video- click here to see his channel and subscribe!


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