‘My Favourite Tattoo’, by your Favourite Musicians

NME Magazine has a really cool feature on their website, which looks at some really great musicians and their tattoos. It may be a little cliché to tie music and tattoos together, but it reminds me of Bill’s original Tattoosday website, which I think is pretty cool.

In the feature, you’ll find musicians such as Marilyn Manson, Steve Forrest, Professor Green, and Chris #2. One of my favourites is from Scott Miller, from Dry the River:

My sleeve tattoo, designed and tattooed by Darryl at Diamond Jacks, Soho is a cross of traditional Sailor Jerry and Japanese styles. I’ve spread it over sessions and its taken 6 months so far and I’ve still got the colour to go in. It’s an oceanscape with two mermaids and some flying fish. As a kid I always had a bit of a fear of the ocean but once I got over it I fell in love with it and now love swimming in the sea.

The most painful part of getting this done was the elbow. The skin there isnt great for tattooing and it dropped out a little after the first session so we had to hit it again and again. It felt kind of like a cross between being electrocuted and burned at the same time. But they’re so addictive you soon forget about the pain. I’m already looking at what I want to get after this sleeve is finished.

The full feature is here, and is well worth a read! Check it out now.


[featured image also from NME]


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