Mutsuo: Now on Tattoo Age

Hey guys, it’s Wednesday! You know what that means right now- another Tattoo Age video is up. This week sees the start of the Mutsuo videos, and it’s another great episode.

Mutsuo works at Three Tides in Japan, and he’s such a great tattooer that I’m really glad he’s been given an episode. He’s always seemed, to be, to be one of those fairly under rated tattooers with many people, and I’ve never quite understood why. Mutsuo can do pretty much any style of tattooing effortlessly, and it really shows in this video. You can also tell from this how humble he is about it. He’s not a big-head about it, in fact he seems like a really low key, no fuss kind of guy.

The video also focuses not just on his apprenticeship, but those he now apprentices, and also focuses on the Three Tides shop. It’s a really fantastic video, and I can’t wait for the second one already.

You can see the video on Vice now here, or below on YouTube.


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