Movember Madness at House of Mojo and Painted Lady!

Here we go again, it’s Movember everyone! I hope that wherever you are you’re doing whatever you can to raise money and awareness for mens health. Once again, a couple of my favourite UK shops are raising money.

The House of Mojo’s Movember event is featured here for another year, of course. Is it now a tradition for us to talk about this, do you think? I think it’s happened enough times to be a tradition by now. Tim and the guys will be once again putting on another raffle, which is 5GPB a ticket. You can buy those now, and you might win two hours of work by Tim. Of course, you can get tattooed at the shop as well, on the 30th.

If you work full time you’ve probably noticed that the 30th is a Friday, however the guys will keep the shop open for longer on the day, so you’ll still be able to go down. The tattoos will range from around 25 and 40GPB, depending on the moustache you would like. Every penny will go towards the charity. If you want to know more about this, click here for the Facebook event!

Painted Lady are also doing a fundraiser, which looks pretty awesome. This one will take place on the 25th at their shop. Again, it’s all about moustache tattoos, and the guys there are hoping they can beat their record from last year of 1,000GPB! At the shop, there’ll be three machine tattooers and one hand poke tattooer, so when you book in you’ll have to let them know which you would prefer. You can book in for that now, and you can ask any questions here. Their tattoos are all 10GPB, with every penny going to the charity. Find their Facebook event here!

This is all really awesome, and it’s so lovely to see this kind of stuff happening in tattoo shops. If you have a Movember event happening at your shop, please feel free to use the comment box below to advertise your event!

Header image above is from the House of Mojo’s 2010 event, which you can read about here!


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