Tattoo Age: Bonus Valerie Vargas Footage!

I might have accidentally told a little lie last week, when I said you’d have to wait a while before seeing the next Tattoo Age episode. It turns out, the bonus footage of Valerie Vargas is online today- get in!

This bonus footage focuses not only on Valerie, but her buddy Lal Hardy. Lal is probably the first person who springs to my mind anyone uses the words ‘London’ and ‘tattoo’ in the same sentence, and for good reason really. Lal has been tattooing since around 1975, and has elevated British tattooing to a new level. In fact, whenever I have conversations with some of the ‘old guys’ about tattooing, Lal’s name is normally mentioned. I remember my friend Dereck Thistlewaite telling me once that everyone thought you were a ‘puff’ if you used gloves at one point, until Lal started doing it!

Lal’s a really cool guy, and I’m glad Tattoo Age has focused on him a little. You can see the footage below; I hope you like it!


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