The In-Sight Project: Auctioning Now!

Hopefully you remember me telling you guys about the In-Sight Project not too long ago, which will raise money for Damian Mills, a tattooer up here who has lost his sight after a crash. If not, I’ll sit here and wait while you read it here.

Ready? Awesome. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to bid on the artwork submitted, now is your chance. The first auctions for the project started just yesterday, and they look really awesome. You’ll probably notice that many of these auctions are very short, ending in a couple of days time on the 14th. So, if you want to get your hands on any of these, act quickly!

The guys are doing their auction over Facebook, which is quite interesting. It seems to work quite well, using the comments section for the photos to place a bid. You can still bid privately if you want, by sending the guys a message through the page. It’s pretty cool, because it means 100% of the profits can go to the project, without having to pay eBay fees.

There are some really great pieces on sale, and you can see them all here. You can also see below a couple of my favourites, too. It’s a really great cause, and I think that if you can you should put a bid in for a piece. Remember, you have until the 14th to place your bid for the pieces which are up now, however there will be more revealed in due course. Click here to add the project to your Facebook account for more updates!




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