Some ‘Hilariously Distressing’ Couple Tattoos

Well guys, I wanted to write about something cool, but I’m not feeling too great today I’m afraid. Thankfully, one of my favourite time-wasters BuzzFeed has some funny couple tattoos on their site today. Couple tattoos are like Marmite I guess, but sometimes you do get some really cool ones. This list is purely for laughs though, I’m afraid! Hey, maybe next time I’m unwell I’ll find some good couple tattoos.

There is one which I thought was kind of cool:

Uh yeah, that was the only one. Sorry! I guess the toaster one is okay too, you can check that one out in the list. Also, I’m sorry if you’re the kind of person who has to know who did certain tattoos- there’s no artist credits on this!

Anyway, the list is here. Have fun, I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow I hope!


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