Guest Spots: Rat

If you read this blog regularly, you may remember Rat- the guy who had the shortest retirement from tattooing ever. Well, Rat’s on the move at the moment, so I thought I’d keep you guys up to date!

As of tomorrow, Rat will be in Wrexham in Wales, tattooing at DexterityInk Tattoo Studio. His guest spot there will only be for two days, so I can’t promise that he’ll have any space. However, if you live around the area, I’d definitely recommend finding out! Rat says he’s “really looking forward to working alongside the very talented Cathy Sue-Art and [his] Buddha Brudda Steve Cutter“, and I’m sure he’ll do some fantastic work while he’s there!

After that, he’ll have another two day guest spot at Chilly’s Tattoo, in Kingston upon Hull. This guest spot will take place between the 17th and 19th of December, and once again it’s worth finding out if he has any space free! Chilly says, if you want to book in with Rat, you can :contact the studio,, 07538431151, or contact Rat directly on facebook.”

Awesome stuff! I’m sure it’ll be really great.


Also, if anyone is interested, Rat’s artwork is also in an exhibition at the moment, at Ellerington Fine Art Gallery in Leicester. It will be there until Feb 23rd. To see more, click here! Here’s a peek:


[See full header image here!]


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