Modern Body Art’s Fundraiser- Get Tattooed and Win Artwork!

I saw another cool fundraiser this week while I was surfin’. Rachel Baldwin, at Modern Body Art, is currently holding a really great fundraiser for Cancer Research UK. Much like Thomas Morgan’s fundraiser for Laura Schiffmacher which I told you guys about yesterday, this fundraiser will see loads of tattooers doing their thing for charity, though this one is in the UK. It’s still all for cancer charities, and you can still be tattooed by some top tattooers, so either way it’s a win win situation for everyone and the charities involved.

The fundraiser will take place on the 19th of January. This is the birthday of Rachel’s mother, who she unfortunately lost to cancer just this year. From her JustGiving Page:

As many of you already know my mum passed away this summer of advanced pancreatic cancer. She was a truely amazing woman. She always supported me and was so proud of my tattooing. I was going to do her first tattoo for her 60th birthday, because we never got the chance to do this I decided to do walk ins that day and donate all the money to Cancer Reasearch UK.

Now, loads of other tattooers have joined Rachel for the day. If you would like to take part and be tattooed for the day, make sure you get to  your local shop in the list below and check out the walk in flash they’ll have for the day!

  • Modern Body Art(Birmingham) Jo Harrison/Matt Hunt/Amy Kinsel/Glenn Patrick/Mark Gray/Ricardo Pedro/Andy Crystalz/Leni Nikijulu/Rachel Baldwin
  • Guest Artists at MBA: Nick Baldwin (Gung Ho! Mosley)/Jamie Greaves (Real Art, Leicester)/James Kiley (Cult Classic, London)/Gracie Gosling(Signiture studios, Burntwoo)
  • Painted Lady (Birmingham) Dawnii Fantana/Jonathan Peeler/Claire Goldilox/ Becky Adelaide Lowe
  • Mantra (Cheltenham) Darryl Richards/Shaun Bonanos/Charlotte Mortell/Scott Owen/Lane Turowski
  • The Great Western Tattoo Club (Swindon) Sam Ricketts
  • Bradford Ink (Bradford) Nic/Meg
  • Bespoke Tattoo (Guildford) Aimee Lou
  • Pheonix Body Art (Shropshire) Claire Brazier
  • The Ink Surgery (Leicester) James Graham/Rich Mather/Dane Burton
  • CockaSnook (Newcastle) Kerry-Anne Ricardson/Shaun Bailey/Daniel Hartley/Gregg Scott
  • Inspirations (Leeds) Mitchell Allenden(Sneaky Mitch)/Rich Wells
  • Sacred Electric (Leeds) Sway
  • Rain City (Manchester) Gre Hale/Danny Rossiter/Daniel Morris/Jemma Jones/Matt Cooley
  • 72 Tattoo (Manchester) Sean Lyons/Gavin Rourke/Dan Hancock/Justin Turnbull(jbomb)
  • Empress Tattoo (Liverpool) David Barry/Charlotte Ross
  • Institute Tattoo (Norfolk) Phil Denby/Amy Grant
  • Ink Minx (Scotland) Judi/Jaggy Leigh/Stevo

Also, you may even win some original artwork from Modern Body Art, which is really awesome. So far, you could win your own piece of art from either Jo Harrison, Paula Hardy Kangelos, Roy McCarthy, Nick Baldwin or Rachel Baldwin– awesome!

To be in with a chance of winning some artwork, you’ll need a raffle ticket. That’s easy, though- all you have to do is go to the JustGiving page for Rachel’s fundraiser here, and donate. You can donate as much as you want, and the tickets are 1GPB each. You’ll have to write your name and contact details in the comment box, and write in how many raffle tickets you’d like!

Also, make sure you link it to your Facebook page and share it- let people know so they can raise as much money as possible!

I hope that the guys manage to raise as much money as possible. It’s really great to see this, especially when this is the second time this week I’ve seen such a fantastic effort for such great charities.


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