And we’re Done! See you in 2013!

Well, most tattooers are getting ready today and tomorrow to settle down for Christmas, so like every year, we are doing the same! There will be no more posts until January 1st, which will be our 4th anniversary of the site- awesome!

We’ve had a really great year, and we’d like to thank you all for your continued support. This year, we reached out to more people than ever, got more people involved in writing, and had a fucking fabulous time doing so. So, what will be new in 2013?

New ‘Snippets’ posts!

Starting from January 1st, we’ll start posting ‘snippets’ posts. I don’t know if I’ll stick with the name ‘snippets’, but then when Bill Cohen and I decided on a UK Tattoosday site, the name idea was “Tattoosday UK, or maybe something not so lame”. Basically, these posts will be small pieces of news that we wouldn’t normally be able to cover properly. Sometimes, we see little bits of news that end up never seeing the light of day here, because there isn’t enough to say about them. These posts will sit where the regular ones are, though they may be a link, a photograph, or a simple short announcement. This means we can tell you about loads more things, and update the site a lot more.

Better Facebook Integration

I know, we suck with Facebook. Sorry about that. Next year, we’ll be updating the Facebook page a lot more, and we’ll be looking for cool ways to intagate the website with what you see here on the site. If you have any cool ideas for this, feel free to get in touch!

More Galleries

The galleries are really awesome, and very beautiful! We’ve used them from time to time in some posts- such as this one, but we’re really interested in using this feature to its advantage! If you’re a tattooer and you have something to show off, by all means get in touch!

Extra Crap

I’m sure there’ll be loads more extra stuff, but I am lazy right now. These are the new changes for now, but I’ll be working hard on the site to make sure it’s easy to use, and great for tattooers to get their shit out there.


I’m really happy that you guys are still reading this after four years. I’m hoping you stick around for a few more! Your continued support is fantastic, and I am really thankful for everything you guys have done over the years to support us and help us grow. We’ll keep working hard for you guys.

Here’s to 2013. 🙂

Mel Noir


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