New Shop: OFF KEY, in Birmingham

A really nice new tattoo shop called OFF KEY got in touch this week to let us know that they’re open. In fact, they opened last month, though there’s no time like the present to let you all know.

This new shop, located in Birmingham, England, seems to only have one tattooer there at the moment, so they may be quite busy! Max Rathbone is at the helm of all tattooing there, and he seems to be doing a good job already. He seems to be best at traditional stuff, which you can see below (click for gallery):

You can see Max’s full portfolio here, which I’m sure will keep on growing as more people start going to the shop.

The shop itself seems kind of cool too, if not a little different to what you’d normally expect. I think once they’ve been around for a while and have the chance to grow and adapt, this will end up being a fab little shop.


If you’d like to find out any more, or perhaps book in an appointment, you can find out everything you need to by clicking here to go to their Facebook page. Appointments can be made already, so all you need is a good idea and a deposit.


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