Matt Lodder and Anna Friedman: In NYC this week!

Screw your fancy meals, screw your rom-com film night, and screw your Hallmark cards- if you’re in New York City on Valentine’s Day, you should be hanging out with my buddy Matt Lodder and his historian pal Anna Friedman at the Morbid Anatomy Library.

This Valentine’s, the two of them will be talking tattoos, which is something they’re all too good at doing. They’ll be talking about your favourite sacred hearts and cheesy lovers’ name tattoos, in a talk about the more romantic side of tattooing. As well as a look at western culture, and the way we see romantic tattoos, they’ll have a broader look at the rest of the world, too, and finishing with a brilliantly morbid look at the whole thing. From Brooklyn Daily:

“There’s some short stories about tattooing and romance, which are kind of creepy and weird,” said Friedman. “They always end with death, or some macabre consequence like being splashed with acid, or having the tattoo flayed off the skin.”

If you’re nearby, you have to see this. I’ve seen one of Matt’s talks before, and it was a great evening. If you want to go, it’s at the Morbid Anatomy Library, which is on 543 Union St. Entry is $5.

[header image from Matt’s Facebook page– hope you don’t mind, mate!]


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