In Pictures: The Brighton Tattoo Convention

As you probably saw last week, I sent two lovely ladies down to the Brighton Tattoo Convention the other weekend, and they had a blast. While Lisa has already shared her review of the convention here, this week we have Emma’s photos from the show.

Emma Shamaya is a fantastic photographer, who is situated in West Sussex. She has loads of experience, and even has her own studio set up in Arundel. She’s always up for working at tattoo conventions, magazines, or anything else we send her way! You can see more of her work and find out more here.

Here are the photos below: feel free to click on each one for a larger view. Also, due to an error, we are currently working on the photo credits for the tattoos photographed- apologies for any inconvenience! If you do see your work and would like to let us know, please feel free to comment! All of these photos belong to Emma Shamaya!


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