Inkslingers Newcastle: Turnin’ It To 11.

There have been a billion changes at Inkslingers, and I haven’t even told you guys about it. Sorry about that.

While the lovely Hayley Parkin is now on her maternity leave, Ian Parkin and Lauren Stephens haven’t been left high and dry, as they have two new tattooers in the shop! Gav Lyons is now working there full time, which is really awesome, and Lewis Mckechnie will be joining everyone soon too, as soon as he’s finished some work in Scotland. They’re both really fantastic tattooers, and you should check out their work and book in!

Speaking of booking in, the shop is now open every day, from 12 until 8, which is really awesome too. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it’s a total pain sometimes taking time off work to get tattooed, so this could really help!

They’ve been putting out some really amazing work lately, and you should check it all out. You can follow their blog, and see loads more stuff by clicking here. Also, here’s some recent work from Ian, Gav, and Lauren, including some work from Star Wars Day!


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