The PicoSure Laser: Better, Faster, Stronger.

Anyone who follows what I write knows that I’ve made my own views on laser surgery pretty clear. However, I’ll still always applaud those who choose to undergo the treatments and remove a tattoo. Everyone I know who’s done it has some awful tales of pain and discomfort, though, and I think that puts many people off.


Enter the PicoSure laser: the newest innovation on laser removal for tattoos. It was developed by a manufacturer called CynoSure, and they have said that they can remove tattoos within three treatments, instead of the usual six-plus. The machines will be used in clinics in the UK from next month, and they have a success rate much greater than any other laser machine in the world.

From The Daily Mail (don’t judge me):

The new lasers deliver energy directly to the dermis without seriously damaging the top layer of skin, splitting the ink into smaller fragments so that it can be broken down by the body and then excreted naturally. It’s said to feel like having an elastic band snap against your skin.

Cosmetic doctor Tapan Patel, of Trueskin Clinics, the first to offer the treatment in the UK, says: ‘Imagine the ink as rocks. Current laser systems only break the ink into pebbles, but the new laser smashes rocks into fine grains of sand so it delivers far better results.’Read more here.

The sessions should cost around 600GPB each, meaning your tattoo could be gone after spending just under two grand. With the amount of people out there who want to get rid of their older tattoos to make room for more beautiful ones, I wonder if there’s anyone out there who’s interested. Do you think this is something which would tempt you? Feel free to leave your comments below.


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3 thoughts on “The PicoSure Laser: Better, Faster, Stronger.

  1. I’ve just been on the clinic’s site as I have thumb and inner elbow text tattoos that I want removed. Each thumb would cost £200 as that is the starting rate for up to 3 centimetres.


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