WIN a Tattoo by Paul Talbot!

Chris Hall, of the UK Top Tattoo Artists Facebook Page, has a new competition going on where you can win a £400 tattoo by a great tattooer, for a tenner! The tattoo is by Paul Talbot, and it will be done at the Teesside Tattoo Convention on September 1st.

Paul is a really fantastic tattooer, so it’s really fantastic that he’ll donate his time to this, as it is in aid of the Jo & Mya Foundation– a charity that aims to help children and families when a loved one is going through a terminal illness or has died. As someone who has experienced this quite recently, I think it’s a really amazing charity and I support them, too!

If you’d like to win, all you have to do is visit the JustGiving page which has been set up for it, and donate some money- a tenner gets you a ticket, so 100GPB would be ten tickets! Click here to donate- if you don’t want to donate much, you could still donate a few quiz and add a note that it isn’t for tickets- I’m sure Chris wouldn’t mind.

Oh, there are one or two rules, too:

Notes on the Tattoo are – Paul own design, no cover ups & no neck tattoo and A4 size – check out Paul artwork on here, will be 100% original & an amazing piece by an Award Winning Artist

Here’s the kind of tattoo you could be getting:



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