Amazing Oddboy Time Lapse

As someone who loves tattoos to look like tattoos instead of photographs, it can sometimes take a lot to get me excited about realistic pieces. That isn’t to say I think they’re rubbish; it’s just a matter of taste. The technical ability of a realistic tattoo is, to me, the cool part of this style, though it can be done poorly at times which can put people off. Oddboy, however, is one of those tattooers whose work always interests me, as his ability and style is truly outstanding. Whether you love realistic work probably won’t make a difference, with the latest video Oddboy has posted to his YouTube channel.

He currently has a new time lapse video of a Frank Sinatra portrait he recently tattooed, and it’s really awesome. It’s really cool to see things like this, and the process behind certain tattoos some of us would never normally witness, so it’s great when people post stuff like this. You should take fifteen minutes out of your day, and watch the video below!

You can see more work from Oddboy here.


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