London 2013- Better Each Year


Today I received a press release for this year’s London convention, and it has me seriously excited. As well as actually being able to attend (unlike last year- boo!), the line up looks even better than before!

This year’s show will play host to 250 artists, which is absolutely outstanding. What’s even better are the tattooers who are included in that list. We all know the best thing about a convention is who you may be able to get tattooed by, so here’s a very small selection:

Nikko Hurtado

Tim Hendricks

Marcus Kuhn

Henning Jorgensen

Doug Hardy

Ami James

Chad Koeplinger


Adriaan Machete


Mike Rubendal

Uncle Allan

Stewart Robson

Valerie Vargas

Lal Hardy

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand loads more great artists who I’m too lazy to name. Thankfully, the convention’s page has a full list- and you can view by country too! Click hereto see that.

There’s also a lot more going on at the show, to the point where you won’t know what to do first. For example, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum will have a pop up museum right at the convention, where you’ll be able to see some of their collection! This museum is one of the best in the world, and we’ve covered it a few times here (which you can see by clicking here), so it will be exciting to see it!

There is also a chance to see Jondix’s first solo exhibit while you’re there. The exhibit is called Aeons Tulpa, and you can see more about that in our post here. This is something which you’ll never see at another tattoo convention, and it’s amazing that they have this, too. There will also be another show called By All Means Necessary, where a collection of artists were asked to show their love for their favourite bands. This looks like it is really  fantastic, too.

Alongside this is the usual entertainment. This year, London will show the Fuel Girls, who’ll be dancing and fire-breathing again, and Huey and the New Yorkers will be there to play, too, with Gentlemen of Distorted Sound, Urban Voodoo Machine, and The Nerdy Stripper, alongside many other acts. You can see a full list of these acts by clicking here and here.

Overall, it looks like the best tattoo convention in the country just got even better. Can’t complain at all!

The London Tattoo Convention will take place, as always, on the last week of September. You can buy tickets by clicking here.



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