The Gypsy Gentleman: Japan, Part 1

The latest installment of The Gypsy Gentleman is online now, and it’s amazing. This is the first part of the Japan episodes, focusing mostly on Horiyoshi III and Shige. Marcus Kuhn captures Japan beautifully, and really gives a great insight into the ideas and culture of Japanese tattooing in a way that keeps your interest while making you learn at the same time. My high school teachers would be jealous of those skills.

The whole layout of this episode is a little different to the others- while there is still a lot about Japan itself in this, Marcus has chosen to focus on the tattooers a lot more than the country in which they live. They still talk about Japan’s culture and environment, but Marcus isn’t exploring as much as he usually does. It actually suits the tone of this episode quite well, though,

Marcus starts this episode off by visiting Horiyoshi III’s tattoo museum, which is basically his own private collection of artwork and artifacts. You may find that you watch this a few times, just so you can take in everything that’s shown in each shot- there’s a lot! After this, it’s mostly interview stuff, though it’s extremely interesting, so if you’re not normally a fan of interviews I would urge you to watch this anyway. It’ll change your mind, for sure. Marcus and Shige also spend some time tattooing, and the work they do is immense.

I’m trying not to talk about this too much, because I want you to watch it- you can do so below!


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