Amazing Guest Spots in the UK and Ireland

Hey guys, the bitch is back! Did you lot miss me? I have some really fantastic news for you all today. Some of the best tattooers in the world are coming to our shores in the near future, and if you’re quick you could book in a cool new tattoo with them.

Firstly, AllStar Tattoo in Ireland has Ami James, Damion Ross, and Charlie Roberts coming really soon. If you know pretty much anything about tattooing, you’ll want in on this. I’ve been tattooed by Charlie before, and I can say from experience that not only is it a pleasure to be tattooed by him, but those lines won’t fade, either. Normally we don’t see tattooers this great coming over until around September, when the London convention is on, but this year they seem to be a little early. Here are the dates:

August 22nd- 26th- Ami James

August 22nd-23rd- Damion Ross

August 24th- Charlie Roberts

Check out AllStar here for availability.

Also, in Lal Hardy’s New Wave, London, Doug Hardy is planning a guest spot between September 30th- October 2nd. I have no idea if he’ll have any spots left, but you can always find out by emailing him at!

You also can’t really mention great guest spots without a shout out to Frith Street tattoo, in London, who always have the cream of the crop in their studio. They’ll have Todd Noble in their shop from September 30th until October 3rd, and they’ll also have Frank and Sarah Carter in from September 14th until the 17th. To see more about their guest spots, please click here to check out the blog! This is where you’ll be the first to know about who they’ll have next.

If you have any other great guest spots coming up that you’d like me to share, please feel free to email here!


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