Black Heart: Crew Changes

Down at Black Heart tattoo in Epsom, things are changing with the crew’s line up, and I have some good news and bad news for you guys. First, the bad news- Schwarz Craiova will no longer be working at the shop. He’s had a great three years and he’s done some fantastic work, but all good things come to an end eventually. Thankfully everything else in this post will be good news- Schwarz will still be tattooing, which is great! He will be moving to Helsinki to be with his childhood friend Mitzu, working at Helsinki Ink, which will also be on TV. It’s a cool opportunity for him and the guys at Black Heart are wishing him the best of luck.

As far as Black Heart goes, there are plenty of great tattooers to fill the void! Woody tells me that “[Schwarz]  will be replaced by the super talented Kelvin Slack, who joins us Sept 7th, alongside Em, Giovanni, and new guys Tom ‘Wookie’ Devine and Tanya Buxton”. Wow! That’s a lot of great guys who’ll be at the shop super soon! If you’d like to know about availability, please feel free to contact Woody and the guys at the shop by clicking here. Though, like any tattoo shop, it’s always better if you’re able to go down in person so you can hand a deposit straight over and secure your spot! 😉

Good luck with the new crew changes, and good luck to Schwarz at his new digs! Thanks also to Woody, for letting us know about this so we can spread the word.

EDIT: Sorry about this guys, but like a complete dafty I said before that Black Heart is in Brighton- Black Heart Tattoo is in EPSON, and you can find them at My apologies. – Mel


2 thoughts on “Black Heart: Crew Changes

  1. That’s the wrong link Mel, we are in Epsom, we are nothing to do with the shop in Hove, as I’m sure you will see by the standard if work!


    1. Hey Woody, I saw your email before I noticed this comment- what the hell is up with shops like that who steal a name to try to trick people through the doors?! Gonna keep your comment here as well so it’s even more clear to readers who the REAL Black Heart is 😉


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