Free Stuff! Swastika Blog’s Awesome PDF Book

I love free stuff, and I love the Swastika Blog as well. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to be pretty happy with this. The guys are celebrating five years of fighting the good fight and changing people’s opinions about a symbol that’s as old as time, yet misunderstood by millions. To celebrate, they have put together a free pdf file full of some amazing work by friends of the blog. There are some fantastic pieces in there, by tattooers, artists, and writers.

Here is a list of those involved:

Euan Thomson
Newcastle U.K.

London U.K.

Boz Mugabe

Deryn Twelve
Sheffield U.K.

Swinging Arms

Sean Fitzgerald

Amber Elliott
Southampton U.K.

Loki Dale
Kopenhagen Danmark

Pippo Mandala
Cremona, Italy

Jondix Mahashakti
Barcelona Spain

Rodrigo Vergara Tamayo
Santiago Chile

Pedro Buigues
Buenos Aires Argentina

Ethnogenic Artkore
Berlin Germany

London U.K.

Carolyn Moore
Berkeley – U.S.A.

Little Swastika – Marc
Tengen, Germany

Crispin Vegas
Mar del Plata Argentina

Remco Talsma
The Hague Netherlands

Gunther Iscariot
London – U.K.

Kike Bugni
Barcelona Spain

Todd Michael Roberts
Vancouver – Peru

Bildkraft durch Mooses
Dresden Germany

David Kalalo
The Hague – Netherlands

Jason Harris
Newcastle upon Tyne U.K.

Gina Geene

Los Angeles U.S.A.

Pierre Bong
Paramaribo, Suriname

Natalie Sedyakina
Minsk, Belarus

Phil & Joanna Anthakarana
Mallorca Spain

Tytto Tatau
Buarcos Portugal

Jan Fibiger
Ceske Budejovice Czech Republic


Peter Walrus Madsen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Glew, Argentina

Gekko Tattoo
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hernan Polako
Mexico City, Mexico

Matthijs van der Geest
Haarlem Netherlands

Robyn Nomadical
Kentucky U.S.A.

Gino Gajadien
Paramaribo, Suriname

Ferank Manseed
Newcastle upon Tyne – U.K.

Vicky Depuydt
Mortsel, Belgium

Petor de Jong
The Hague, Netherlands

Pajaro Carreira
Tigre – Argentina

Marc Inkk Atkinson
Houghton le Spring – U.K.

Cammy Stewart
Dundee Scotland

Alec Ratcliffe
Manchester, United Kingdom

Παναγιώτης Μαρίνης
Friend of the Swastika

Γεώργιος Γεωργιάδης
Friend of the Swastika

Mark Boyle
Stockton-on-Tees – U.K.
Hasselt, Belgium

Pat Bodyart
Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Louise Kilesa
Chinatown, Singapore

Jiminy Albion
London, U.K.

Anonymous Gift

Warrior of Sacred Imagination


I loved looking through this- the work is amazing, and it’s presented really well. It did make me miss ManWoman, the ‘godfather of the swastika movement’, a lot, though. I think that you will love this, and I’d encourage you to download it!

To download this for free, please feel free to click here. Enjoy!

By Euan Thompson
By Euan Thompson

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