Chad Koeplinger: New Sketchbook!

Chad Koeplinger is one of those tattooers who is always busy, yet still has the time to bring out truly awesome things like sketchbooks and art prints. He brings out stuff like this more than some tattooers who are working comfortably in the same shop every day, and you can see how hard the guy works. In another effort to show lesser people how it’s done, he has a new sketchbook out.

From Chad’s Instagram page:


New 100 page sketchbook, 50 dollars postage paid in america, 60 dollars shipped worldwide. Ships September 1st. Paypal to get yours!

I wish someone would show me how to insert Instagram posts into WordPress.

If you’re at the Montreal, London, or Barcelona conventions, Chad will also have some sketchbooks there, though I can imagine they’ll sell like hot cakes so you’d have to be super quick and hide your copy from prying eyes afterwards.

If this isn’t quite enough, Chad also has some of these prints hanging around:


If you want one of these, the same rules apply, except these ones are 110 shipped in America, and 120 shipped anywhere in the world. Chad has 30 left of these ones, so be quick!


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