Mark Mahoney in LA Times

The LA Times has a really awesome feature on Mark Mahoney at the moment that I think you’ll all love. Mark is one of the best tattooers in the world, and is a legend both inside and outside of tattooing, and the Shamrock Social Club is probably the coolest place in California to get tattooed. Here’s an excerpt:


Success was a long time in coming for the soft-spoken, gray-haired Boston native. Introduced to the art of tattooing as a teenager, Mahoney spent years studying the work of artists in Rhode Island and New York, trying to learn their secrets.

“Nobody was willing to share tattoo secrets and teach others,” Mahoney said.

Eventually, he headed west and found a home in Long Beach on the Pike, the famed amusement park that was then home to many tattoo artists.

It was there that he encountered the fine-line black and gray tattoos that would become his signature style.

“It blew my mind,” Mahoney says now. “I knew it’s what I wanted to do — the low-rider, Mexican style that started in the prisons.”

The LA Times is normally pretty cool to tattooing, and this is no exception. You can read the article here– you’ll love it!


Header photo from LA Times


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