Tattoo For a Tenner: Get Joe Home!

Following on from Paul Talbot and Mat Lapping’s Tattoo for a Tenner fundraisers at the Teesside Tattoo Convention, Oddboy is now after a bit of the action for a really fantastic cause. The fundraiser is in aid of Joe Smith, who was tragically killed in Barcelona while he was on holiday. It’s going to cost £4000 just to get him back, before his family even think about funeral costs. From the fundraising page:

Hi , we are trying to raise money for joe smith , who was tragically killed in barcelona while on holiday , and without any travel insurance. Its going to cost £4000 to get him home let alone the funeral costs . So , we are giving away a full days tattooing with Oddboy at Real Art Tattoo near Leicester here in the uk . All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is donate £10 or more to this cause , and be sure to leave your full name in the message so we can contact the winner .This competition is open for one week – and will end on saturday the 14th of september at midnight GMT.

So, all you need to do is donate a tenner, and you’re in for a shot! They’ve already raised the full £4000 so far, but I think that you should donate anyway, because it’ll make funeral costs and the like a lot easier for Joe’s family, and you’ll still have an entry to get a free tattoo out of it, which is great because everyone wins!

You can donate and find out more information by clicking here! Get to it!


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