Tattoo Culture: Issue Three Out Now

The latest issue of Tattoo Culture magazine is out now, and it looks amazing. In all honesty, with all this moving house stuff, I haven’t had the chance to read it first for you guys, but it looks so great I feel I don’t have to. In this issue, the artists featured include Phil Holt, Alex De Pase, Chente, Seventh Son, Mike Ness, Nick Baxter, JoJo Ackerman, Adam Hays, and Chet Zar- wow!

From the magazine’s mailing list:

“Here we stand at the crossroads. At this juncture we need to make a choice. That is, we can choose to either be part of the problem or we can try to contribute to a solution. In my opinion, TCM is a positive step in the right direction and therefore I feel this magazine is a project worth fostering. Undertakings such as this one require direct support from the community it represents. If we don’t throw our support behind things of this nature then it begs the question, what kind of community are we? Subscribe and contribute.”


You can buy Tattoo Culture Magazine by clicking here– admittedly, the issues don’t look like they’re free anymore, but they seem worth it, so fuck it! $3.99 is still a bargain for such a great publication!


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