Ferank Manseed: Swastikas for Manny

Last year, the world lost one of the most wonderful souls. In November, ManWoman sadly passed away, leaving behind a true legacy in his search for acceptance of the swastika symbol. Nicknamed the ‘Godfather of the Swastika Movement’, Manny was a fantastic role model and friend, and he’ll always be missed.

This year we’ll be remembering Manny in Newcastle, with Ferank Manseed. Ferank is a tattooer at Northside Tattooz, who always deeply respected Manny and all the work he did. In Manny’s honour, he will be offering free Swastika tattoos on November 13th, marking a year since Manny’s passing.

From his Facebook page:

last year on november 13th, we lost the sacred warrior MANWOMAN to the light, he was alays heading there and embraced death constantly in his art and life. To mark respect for my friend i will be offering free swastika tattoos on 13th november 2013… More details soon… Gentle swastika blessings to you all

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Manny’s life. If you would like to know more about what Ferank will be up to, keep an eye on his Facebook page, here!


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