Art for Animals

Everyone has a favourite animal. If you don’t, you’re a liar. As much as we love our little fury friends, winged comrades, and scaly buddies, there are a lot of them that need help or support. Perhaps they”re abandoned pets, or maybe they’re birds whose habitat has been cut down… we are real bastards to animals!

This is why it’s really important to support animal charities, and why a new tattoo-inspired charity event is really awesome. Art for Animals, a charity auction event by Lee Reynolds, has been showing up online for a while, on its Facebook event page. The idea is simple- make a piece of animal inspired art, and auction it off. There are quite a few tattooers involved, and Michael Rose’s tiger picture has already been auctioned! Here’s a snippet from the Facebook page:

Art for animals is a charity event to raise money for wildlife/animal sanctuaries , a collection of fine artists and tattoo artists creating original art to auction for a good cause, if your an artist and want to get involved in the charity event, talk to lee rudeboy reynolds for details, any subject any size any medium, and if you want to buy these one off pieces of art we are going to auction them… around november time, thank you all for your massive support 🙂 Lee

 If you would like to keep up to date with this, and see what great pieces of art you can get your hands on, click here!

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