Review: Forever Ink

Not too long ago, I was telling you guys how important it is to keep your skin in good condition if you want to protect your tattoos. If you don’t look after them, don’t expect them to stick around in the same condition! Last week, I was sent some cool stuff from Forever Ink, Louis Molloy’s new skin care range, designed especially for tattoos.

Currently, the products in the range are Ink Balm and Ink Shield. They’re dermatologically tested, free from any fragrances, oils, or any other shit that’ll clog your skin, and you can use it on sensitive skin too. One is for healing tattoos (Balm) and the other is for maintaining that protection over time (Shield).

I was sent the Ink Balm, though while I’ve been in the process of moving house, I’ll admit I haven’t been able to get tattooed lately to try it out! Regardless, it does look like something that would be enjoyable to use. It isn’t sticky, like many other aftercare treatments, and it doesn’t have any scent to it at all. It also comes with a leaflet full of information on healing tattoos, and skin care, from Louis himself. There’s even more information on their website, for anyone new to tattooing, or interested in looking after their tattooed skin (here).

The other great thing about this product is that it feels like it’s great quality. Let’s face it, no one particularly wants to put a lot of aftercare treatments on their skin- some of them don’t feel nice, and seem too cheap to be putting on something they just paid hundreds of pounds on. This feels like the top dog in aftercare. However, at the same time, it’s really affordable. You can buy Forever Ink from, for £7-£13, here. Compare that to other products that you have in your bathroom, and it’s actually a reasonable price.

Overall, Forever Ink feels lovely on the skin, is designed with your tattoos in mind, and it feels like a luxury aftercare treatment. I think you’ll love it. At the same time though, as always, check with your (reputable!) tattooer first- they’re the people who made your tattoo, and if they tell you to put chip fat on your tattoo, you freakin’ do it. I think they’ll agree that this is a good quality product!

Click here to see the Forever Ink website.


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