Pink Day at Saved Tattoo

Something really special is going down at Saved Tattoo today. They have a new project they’re supporting, called the Pink Day Project. To help support breast cancer funding, the guys will be pairing 10 cancer survivors with 10 female tattooers, to fund 10 scar coverage tattoos for the survivors. This is a really fantastic event, and I hope today goes brilliantly for them. From Stephanie Tamez’s blog:


Saved Tattoo is proud to sponsor the Pink Day project . 10 survivors paired with 10 female tattooers.Our shop will be closed to the public on Monday October 21 for this event.For more information about artist involved and contributions go (at Saved Tattoo)


Also, here’s a poster:



Good luck for today, guys! I’m sure it’ll be great. Oh, also, the shop will be closed to the public today, just in case you were thinking about popping down. It’s definitely for a good reason, though!


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