Powerline’s Halloween Event!

Powerline Tattoo, in Rhode Island, has a really cool event for Halloween that you need to check out if you live nearby. They have loads of Halloween and Fall inspired tattoos, that are good to go for only $80- with all the proceeds going to the American Diabetes Association! From 11AM, there’ll be a full walk in day, where you can pop down and get one of these bad lads tattooed on you. There’ll also be costumes, food, and your favourite Halloween movies on throughout the day to keep you occupied while you wait in line. It’s a great event, and there are some really cool designs ready for the day. Here’s some info from the website:

All six of our artists will be tattooing these Halloween and Fall inspired custom flash designs all day for $80 each. Every penny made will be donated to the American Diabetes Association. This is first come, first serve, so get here early as we will be opening at 11am. We will all be in Halloween cosutmes and we encourage you to do the same! There will be plenty of refreshments for you while you wait and Halloween movies will be playing all day. Dont want to get tattooed? Swing by, make a donation and say hello! Come be part of an awesome cause!

Make sure you click here for more information!

Here’s some flash:

Click here to see the rest!


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