The Story of the Swastika: Now on iPlayer

Over this month, we’ll probably be talking a fair amount about the swastika. As well as it being a really great and popular symbol within tattooing, we’re also very close to the Worldwide Swastika Day!  Somehow, the BBC always manages to have absolutely fantastic timing whenever we’re thinking about certain things within tattooing, and yesterday showed a short documentary on the real meanings behind this sacred symbol.

The documentary focuses mainly on the Hindu use of the symbol, though it is mentioned throughout that the symbol has been used all over the world, for thousands of years. In the documentary, you’ll see the symbol being used in religious ceremonies, as well as hear many people of Hindu faith talking about their own experiences and opinions of the symbol.

What is really special about this documentary is the inclusion of a Jewish man, who talks about his own experiences of the symbol. He starts off saying that he hates it, and that it strikes fear and unhappiness in him whenever he sees it. After this, though, he is invited to worship with a Hindu girl, where they talk about the symbol and he sees it used properly. After this, he changes his mind a little, and both can understand the other’s point of view about it. These are two people who would have probably never met otherwise, really coming together over the swastika and changing each other’s views about it all, and it’s really cool to see.

Anyway, instead of boring you, I’ll let you watch it. You can see it by clicking the image below, over the next six days.

Screenshot (35)


One thought on “The Story of the Swastika: Now on iPlayer

  1. Love this blog. I watched the program last night and found it illuminating. However I felt, the program did not go far enough into the symbol’s use prior to the misappropriation by the Nazi Party of Germany. I would have liked to have seen discussed, more of Britain’s own use of it outside of Religious and Political causes, including the use of the Swastika for the National Savings Movement during WW1!


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