Total Tattoo Out Now!

This month’s Total Tattoo is out now, and as always, it’s freakin’ awesome. As well as all the usual stuff, like the news pages and Gallery Plus, there are some fantastic interviews in this month’s issue. This one features Gene Coffey, and his beautiful watercolour style tattoos, Sam Ford’s lovely portraits and pin ups, and a Private View feature on Brenden at Tattoo HQ.

The main feature you’ll all be looking out for, though, is the coverage of this year’s London Tattoo Convention. It’s pretty damn awesome! The 10 page feature has everything that you’d ever need to know about how fantastic the show was, and there are loads of photos of some of the best tattoos that were out there that weekend. The write up is great, and the guys have really pushed the boat out to make sure they’ve done the convention justice! You’ll love it.

There are also features on the Norwich, Portsmouth, and Milton Keynes conventions, which are fantastic as well! This month welcomes a new feature called In Focus, which looks at the work of a great tattoo shop- Broad St. are the first up, and it’s a great little two page spread.

Everything else you’ve come to love is included too, obviously. You can get Total Tattoo from all the good newsagents, and also online on various devices. If you click here you can see how to download it.


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