More Tattooers for the Philippines

Following on from Henk Schiffmacher’s efforts to raise money for the Philippines, more tattooers have followed suit with their own fundraisers. A new “Tattoo for the Philippines” effort has been organised over a cool little Facebook page, and there’s a lot going on. The tattooers involved realise that this isn’t the time to be showing off, and there certainly isn’t enough time to start putting together flash sheets and stuff (these people need urgent help!), so they’re tattooing the symbol you can see below:


Here is an artist list:

  • Alexandre Ragusa Teikihokatoua
  • Alicia Cardenas
  • Artitude Tattoo
  • Bernard Lompre
  • Clare Goldilox
  • Costantino Sasso
  • Elle Lil-Tamaraw Festin
  • Etua Rai
  • Evangel Teao
  • Garcia Leonam
  • Hayley murphy
  • Harry Yii
  • Isobel Juliet Stevenson
  • Jay Ink’em All Mes
  • Felix Dixon
  • Kali Yuga
  • Kasi firefly
  • Karolina Czaja
  • Krom Whitecrow
  • Kuli Mafileo
  • Lalovai Peseta (Visual Artist/Designer)
  • Leandro Cosme Laigo
  • Megan Jones
  • Nephi Leiataua
  • Ollie tye
  • Olsen Tattoo
  • Pako Tatoo
  • Paul Sosefo
  • Rod Medina
  • Steve Fllann
  • Swan drifter
  • Tamatarii Tetiarahi
  • Tasha Lock
  • Tattoosby Ceez
  • Teva Tatau Pirae Tahiti
  • Thomas Clark
  • Tiki Tatoo
  • Truetothemark Customtatau

This artist list was correct when I wrote this last night (hello, from the past!), though there could be more names on there now. You can see participating artists on the Facebook page though, here.

Here’s some extra info, too:

We will use this page to disseminate a design we created at the request of a fellow tatto artist. The design pays tribute to the thousands of people who perished during Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda and the many thousands of Filipinos left suffering her in wake. The design is also a way for the international tattoo community to pay tribute to Jonas Agit Sustento a tattooist and musician who died, along with his wife and many family members, as a result of the flooding in Tacloban City (Leyte Island).

Please Note – Monetary donations are not being accepted through this page. Instead, the individual tattoo artists who apply the design will donate the money collected directly to an organization with dedicated relief efforts in the Philippines.

If you can get to any of these tattooers and fancy popping down for a cool little tattoo, get yourself down to them! I’m sure the tattooers involved would also welcome any donations for anyone who doesn’t feel like getting the design, or can’t, for whatever reason.

[Header image]


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