Tattoo As I See It

Jeff Gogue has a new DVD out very soon, and you need to buy it. In fact, if you buy it TODAY, it’ll be $10 less than any other time you can buy this. The DVD is a look at Jeff’s work, his perspectives within tattooing, and everything in between. Here’s some more info from his website:

This DVD is years in the making. I share my perspective, values, and experience of my tattoo career, and my life as a tattooer and a tattooed person. I have taught a seminar for about five years that has been distilled down over time to what I believe to be my own personal defining principles that make me who I am, and my work stand out from others. The message seems simple at first glance but profound points surface the more you watch it. Like a good music album, with multiple viewings, I would hope new things will arise and reveal themselves to leave a lasting impression on your life.

There’s also a trailer for the DVD:

If you’d like to buy a copy of the DVD, head here as quickly as you can, before the price goes up! Or even after then, it’d be worth the price either way.


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