These are the Prints You’re Looking For

Oddboy has some new prints in his shop, and they’re awesome! On his website now are two new Star Wars inspired prints, of a storm trooper and Princess Leia, in Oddboy’s colourful realistic style that he’s become loved for. These prints are limited edition, and there are only 50 of each one. At the moment, they’re all still on sale, and you can buy them both for £50, or separately for £30 each.

From the website:

13 x 13 inch fine art reproduction on satin paper. archival quality print , hand signed and numbered – limited to 50.

These are both on Oddboy’s Big Cartel page, which you can find here. You’ll have to be quick though, these prints will sell out pretty quickly!

(C) Oddboy

Also, Oddboy tattooed the Princess Leia on one of his lucky clients this week! As a cheeky bonus, here’s the picture of that, too:

(C) Oddboy
(C) Oddboy

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