2013: Top Ten of the Year!

So, it’s that time again. Just like every other bloody website online, we’re doing the annual best posts stuff, and although you’re probably sick of seeing these things online, I think you’ll like having a little look through some of our favourites. There’s been some fantastic stuff happening in tattooing over the last year, and it’s always worth taking a look to see what’s been going on, especially if you’ve missed any of these! Here are ten of the best posts from 2013:

robert aalbers 5

Robert Aalbers: Clean Solid Tattoo Flash

The awesome guys at Kintaro Publishing sent over a copy of Robert Aalber’s book, Clean Solid Tattoo Flash, early this year. The book is really awesome, and it features some of his own original designs as well as his take on some of the classics. This is a book with perforated pages you can take out and hang up, or enjoy it in the book if you want to keep it all to yourself. See the review here.


In Pictures: The Brighton Tattoo Convention

This year’s Brighton Tattoo Convention was amazing, and we had a lot of coverage of it here on the site. We love this show! I sent down a couple of lovely ladies to cover the show, and these photos were really popular with you guys. It’s great to see such a fantastic convention doing so well. I may be away in Poland during this year’s show (boo!) so look out for an opportunity to cover it yourself next year!


Inkredible Kreations Bully Fundraiser

There were a lot of charity projects going on within tattooing this year, as tattooers grow more and more charitable by the day. One really cool fundraiser was the Inkredible Kreations Bully fundraiser, which saw the guys tattooing dogs all day long for some dog charities- anyone who knows these guys will know how much they love their dogs, so this one was perfect!


The Tattooed Poets Project 2013

The majority of you guys will be aware that Tattoosday UK started as a sister site to Bill Cohen’s popular Tattoosday. Every year, Bill has his tattooed poets project, where he asks some of the best poets in the world to share stories, poems, and artwork that talk about their tattoos. This year was no different, and was probably the best Tattooed Poets Project he’s done.


Review: Tattoo Nation

Tattoo Nation was released this year, and even though you could only see it for one night in the UK, it was really cool to see a proper documentary about tattooing, by those who were there, on the big screen. Some of the best tattooers out there were in this film, and it was excellent. If you haven’t seen it, you need to soon!


The Bristol Tattoo Club: Still in Business

This wasn’t really something that happened this year, though many people seemed grateful for the reminder. The Bristol Tattoo Club is one of the coolest tattoo clubs in the world, and you can still join today. It’s a fantastic way for Jimmie Skuse to remember his late father Les who founded the club, too.


Hooper VS Pecker

You know we love a laugh here, so when this video was posted I couldn’t help but share. This video shows Thomas Hooper tattooing Oliver Pecker’s palm, and the pain Oliver goes through as a result! I shouldn’t laugh, but it is pretty funny. Oliver tries to get his own back with a tattoo of his own on Thomas, but it doesn’t go quite as planned.

Screenshot (20)

The Gypsy Gentleman: Japan Part 1

The Gypsy Gentleman has always been a Tattoosday UK favourite, and I think that from its launch everyone has been waiting for Marcus Kuhn to visit Japan. This year, he launched a fantastic two part show, where he visited some of the great tattooers of Japan, and saw some of the sights there, too. It’s amazing, and you need to watch all of it as soon as possible. Get that computer hooked up to your big TV for this one!

Euan Thompson

Free Stuff! Swastika Blog’s Awesome PDF Book

The swastika is a symbol that is constantly showing up within tattooing, and after losing our dear friend Manny in 2012, it’s become even more of a loved symbol. This free PDF book shows some great artwork, and there are plenty of tattooers in this who have also contributed to the project. It’s great, and it’s free, so why not give it a go?


FST: On the Shoulders of Giants

This year, Stewart Robson put up online a trailer for his documentary project, called On the Shoulders of Giants. It’s something he’s been working on for two years, and it looks absolutely amazing. The four part documentary is for the shop he works at, Frith Street, where there’s always something going on. It’s one of the best shops in the country, and if you watch this you’ll see why.


Review & Gallery: Teesside Tattoo Convention 2013

This year’s Teesside Tattoo Convention was even better than the first, and I couldn’t help but pop down for the day to check it out. There’s a review and a load of pictures I took right here, which I hope you all liked! The Teesside Tattoo Convention will be a little different next year (news to come on this one), but I would recommend it either way.


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