Teesside Convention Cancelled? Not Quite!

Many of you guys really loved the Teesside Convention over the last two years, and those at the show already couldn’t wait for the next one. So, how disappointed would you be if I said there will be no 2014 Teesside Convention? Not too upset, I hope. What if I then told you that the guys behind the Teesside show have decided to focus on a new convention called the North East Tattoo Expo instead? Ah, that’s better!

From Facebook:

Screenshot (5)


This show looks amazing already! It will have over 70 tattooers there, from all around the world! And it’s a full weekend now instead of just a Sunday! This is brilliant. Here’s some more info on what’ll be happening:

Not only will there be top artists, but also a full range of competitions with 1st 2nd and 3rd place prises and an exciting and unique competition named ‘Master of Styles’ competition where 6 artists will compete in a range of tattoo techniques and styles to be named that true ‘Master of Styles’ and not only receive a trophy but also an amazing secret prize.

This sounds super awesome, and we’ll be supporting this convention 100%. This looks like a fantastic show to have up here in the North East, and I’m super excited! We’ll be letting you know ASAP when the tattooers list is announced, and you can keep an eye on the show here. For now, here’s the poster:

Teesside Poster


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